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Corporate Moving

Forget all your trouble with organizing the relocation of your company. Albatros moving will see to it that your relocation is efficient and in no way interferes with your business.

Our offer ranges from competitively-priced services for small-scale moves to the entire project management for moving the largest corporations.

We moved T-mobile – we’ll move you, too

Moving an entire company requires a top-quality organization and sufficient expertise. The staff of Albatros moving has successfully completed relocation projects that in some cases involved more than 1‘000 employees and corresponding quantities of furniture and other assets. All applied procedures comply with the exacting requirements of the European ISO 9001:2009 standard.

We guarantee your satisfaction

Albatros moving assists you in planning your relocation project, makes proposals in terms of the most efficient procedure, and takes care of all tasks related to the move of your firm to new premises. At all moments, an order manager will be at your disposal, who coordinates the move on the ground and vouches for the quality and timeliness of the services rendered.

Continuous control over your assets

Moving a company always also means moving large quantities of assets, documents, and technology. Perfect logistics therefore are a principal component of any relocation project, including the safe identification of all moved items. Albatros moving uses a time-tested system of ID labels and handover protocols.

See you on Monday, as usual

A professionally executed relocation minimizes the impact of the whole endeavor on the business operations of your firm. We are ready and able to move your company without any major disturbance for your day-to-day business procedures, e.g. during night hours or over a single weekend. On Monday, everything will be in its place (though at a new address).

Choose from our professional moving services:

  • drafting relocation proposals
  • preparing and organizing the move
  • securing and protecting transport routes
  • packing office furniture and documents
  • furniture setup
  • transporting heavy items
  • uninstalling and installing IT
  • transporting IT and sensitive equipment
  • waste disposal
  • discarding sensitive documents
  • moving archives while preserving archiving systems
  • short-term and long-term storage