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Heavy Loads Moving

No task weighs too heavily on the shoulders of our experts from the crew for special operations at Albatros moving: we secure the transport and installation of machinery and other equipment with a load of up to 62 tons, no matter how difficult the conditions.

Don't waste time looking for a solution – entrust yourself to professionals now.

Impossible? That word is not in our vocabulary...

Moving a colossus of many tons from or into what is often tightly confined space may at first appear an impossible task. Trust the experience of our experts – they have a great number of successful projects under their belt in which they proved their expertise, professionalism, and inventive spirit.

Special operations crew

When it comes to moving heavy gear, we are able to provide all pertinent services: horizontal and vertical transport of loads of up to 62 tons, transport right up to the place of installation, anchoring heavy loads, floor protection, static analysis of transport routes, or the manufacture of special packaging.

Crane truck and helicopter

The special operations crew of Albatros moving avails of technology that allows the handling of heavy items even in poorly accessible areas (basements, roofs, supply shafts, etc.). We cooperate with subcontractors where further special technology is needed: crane trucks, heavy-duty trailers, helicopters, etc.

We know how to move your:

  • machinery
  • production lines
  • cooling facilities
  • diesel generators
  • safes
  • backup generators, etc.