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Household Moving

You are looking forward to your new home, but are afraid that the move will be a hassle? With Albatros moving, you move into your new household fast and without worries, knowing that your property is treated with expert care.

Stress-free moving

Albatros moving takes care of the entire moving process, and that includes packing your personal belongings and sundry items, packing and assembling your furniture, installing appliances, and other services. Only the pleasant tasks are left to you – e.g. the decision how to arrange the furnishings in your new apartment or family home.

You can trust us

As a necessary part of the move, we have to invade the private space of your home, and that is why our cooperation must be based on mutual trust. The staff of Albatros moving consists of trained professionals with many years of experience. You can always rely on their integrity, discretion, and forthcoming attitude.

Careful treatment of your property

We understand that you entrust us with items that are of immense value to you. We make sure that your property is safely packaged and transported, including valuables or fragile items (paintings, glassware, porcelain, etc.). We assume full liability for items that were packed by Albatros moving staff.

Your contact person at Albatros moving

The order manager in charge of moving your household guarantees your satisfaction; he or she is always ready to answer your current needs. You tell us what you need, and we see to it that your wish comes true, even if you ask for services beyond the ordinary.

We assist you with the following tasks:

  • packing personal belongings and sundry items
  • packing furniture and household fixtures
  • assembly and setup of furniture, blinds, lights, appliances, etc.
  • moving heavy items (such as pianos, heavy furniture)
  • waste removal
  • storage
  • accommodation during the move
  • wall-painting, cleaning, installation works, etc.