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IT Equipment Moving

Our special operations crew ensures the safe transport of key IT facilities of your company. Do not risk the loss of important data, and entrust the experts of Albatros moving with moving your servers and other sensitive equipment.

A task for professionals

Sophisticated information technology must be moved with exceptional care, as it is especially prone to damage and not easily expendable for the firm. Albatros moving has a team of trained professionals and adequate tools, and is therefore able to assume full responsibility for moving all your computer technology.

Non-stop monitoring of equipment

IT equipment is exceedingly sensitive to vibration and shock, which is why we use special packaging and cushioned pallets for moving such equipment. Technology is transported exclusively in specially designed vehicles, and we install impact and vibration sensors on your equipment that record any unwarranted handling of the moved items during transport.

Minimal impact on business operations

Owing to our experience, we are able to outline a fast and efficient moving procedure that minimizes the impact of the transport of key IT facilities on your business. We take care of uninstalling and installing all equipment, either through our own experts or with the help of specialist partners of Albatros moving.

Professional services (not only) for IT

The special operations crew of Albatros moving has immense experience with the transport of all kinds of IT, as well as other equipment that must be carefully handled – industrial equipment, scientific instruments and equipment, etc.

We safely move for you:

  • servers
  • optical libraries and disk arrays
  • PC workstations, monitors, backup drives
  • printers, photocopiers, and other office technology
  • medical and scientific instruments
  • sensitive industrial equipment
  • special gear