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Corporate relocations

GE Money Bank

„You have contributed to the smooth and fast moving of General Electric from nine different locations into the headquarters building in Prague 4. Your coordinating manager was a great support by considering all the risks, their analysis and chronological planning of the project.“

Martin Geba, GE Money Bank, a. s.

GTS Novera

„As we have had a very good cooperation with Albatros Moving in IT equipment moving from the past your company has been chosen to relocate 400 employees into a new address. You have shown a great amount of professionalism, speed and accuracy. Your movers were very helpful, trying to meet all our requirements and they worked with no regards to time, until the very last job had been finished.“

Jiri Kacerik, property administration manager

Hypo stavební spořitelna

„The moving was constrained by a difficult traffic situation in Prague 1, constructional disposition of the new building (narrow staircase, limited possibility of lift usage) and the necessity to move all offices within four days. Despite of this the whole moving was performed without any problems.“

Mgr. Petra Hakenová, HR manager

KB Pojišťovna

„Considering the total number of employees and furniture that was supposed to be relocated, we were quite worried about the complications that might occur while moving our company to the new premises in Danube Center. We were very pleased how the whole process of moving the IT equipment, archives and also the scarting of waste documentation was performed exactly according to the schedule and without any damages.“

Zbyněk Viktorin, property administration manager

Komerční banka

„All moving works were performed with absolute professionalism, speed and with respect to the requirements of each department. We very much appreciated organizational and operational skills of your employees that made it possible to perform smooth relocation in the difficult traffic and technical conditions of the city center.“

Pavel Dyba, DT EXPERT, s. r. o.

T-Mobile ČR

„The relocation of T-Mobile ČR into the new center at Roztyly consisted of relocation of 1500 employees plus furniture and office equipment, without any disruption of the business (after regular hours and on weekends). Thanks to the skills and professional approach of your staff everything went according to the schedule and with no complications.“

Petr Kubelka, Leven, s. r. o.

Tesco Stores ČR, a. s.

„We very much appreciate professionalism and flexibility of the team that performed the relocation of 1050 employees and head offices including the office equipment, safes and IT equipment.“

Hana Červenková, head office manager

Household move and international moving

Danish embassy in Prague

„You ensured transportation of our employees within Prague as well as from Prague to Denmark. The latest and most important job was moving of our embassy from Prague 6 to the current address in Prague 1. We are very happy with your services.“

Marianne Arentzen, consul

Edel Harbison, Deloitte & Touche CE

„I was very impressed by the quality of your services. I expected the moving from Prague to Dublin to be a complicated and unpleasant task, but everything went smoothly and easily. My property arrived on time and there were no complications in regards to customs duties on neither side.“

Edel Harbison, SAP Project Director

Tereza Maxová

„Let me thank you for your perfect services. It was a pleasure to cooperate with you when I was moving from Paris to Prague. I really hope I'll be able to use your professional services in the future.“

Tereza Maxová-Fetterlein

IT equipment and sensitive devices moving


„Moving of IT equipment is one of the most required and most crucial services for our clients. We are very satisfied with the quality level and complexity of your services, your employees' attitude, work organization, schedule keeping and thorough professionalism of your company.“

Ondřej Petránek, manager HW and SW service

Institute of Microbiology - Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

„It is quite stressful to see a superconductive magnet hanging on a crane and to know it must not be unbalanced. You approached the whole situation with a great professionalism and it is also thanks to you that an ion cyclotron weighing several tons and costing more than 70 mil. CZK will be running in Czech republic as of the end of June.“

Doc. Ing. Vladimír Havlíček, Dr., Institute of Microbiology

Hospital Na Homolce

„I would like to thank you for a great professionalism shown by transportation of central X-ray unit of Leksell gamma knife weighing 16 tons to the Stereotactic Radio-Neuro-Surgery Ward. Thanks to you the installation of the Leksell gamma knife went smoothly and time-efficiently.“

Ing. Josef Novotný Jr., Hospital Na Homolce

Heavy load moving

AŽD Praha

„Within 15 days your company completely moved all our production facilities and offices. There were 70 machines and a lot of other equipment of total weight of 140 tons relocated.“

Ing. Zdeněk Chrdle, factory director

Česká národní banka - Czech National Bank

„Your experience with heavy items moving made it easier for us to perform assembly works on a steel construction for bank vault of Czech National Bank. Thanks to your cooperation we managed to relocate and assemble 15 tons of steel construction within 12 hours.“

Ing. Jaroslav Budkovský, FERIST, s. r. o.

Tresorag – Firesafe, s. r. o.

Our company sells safe deposits that have quite an excessive weight and manipulation with them is quite difficult. In spite of this fact we can confirm that all services you offered - transportation, manipulation and installation - were performed without any complications.“

Petr Hozák, director